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          Barrhaven’s new Stone Lions arrive from Beijing and are now in place at Water Dragon Park

          Thanks to?the generous donation from the Xicheng District of Beijing,?the hard work of our […]

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          City of Ottawa Names Barrhaven Park ‘Gus Este Park’ in Honour of Local Veteran

          OTTAWA – Barrhaven will now have a park named ‘Gus Este Park‘ to commemorate […]

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          City of Ottawa to Participate in Hire a Veteran program

          The program is aimed at assisting in the transitioning from military careers to the […]

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          Prior to his election, worked for several departments in the federal government including Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, the Privy Council Office and Elections Canada. He recently managed a federal program designed to support small-and-medium sized enterprise and he has served on federal audit and review teams and worked alongside the Office of the Auditor General towards strengthening government performance.

          An active member of his community, has been a leader in building and shaping his neighbourhood as Executive Vice-President of the Riverside South Community Association, a member of the Friends of the Rideau River and a founding member of the Barrhaven Legion. had also played a lead role in the successful fight to protect lands reserved for a much-needed elementary school and lobbied school boards to focus on the needs of the community.

          An avid volunteer, been a leading advocate for residents of Ottawa serving as Vice-Chair of the OC-Transpo Advisory Committee,? a member of the City of Ottawa Heritage Advisory Committee and a trustee on the Ottawa Public Library Board.

          Fully bilingual, a graduate of the University of Ottawa and holds a Masters degree in Public Administration from Carleton University.